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Common Chord Formulas
By Dan Palladino

(3-note chords)
Formula In the key of "C" Chord Symbol
Major 1,3,5 C,E,G C
Suspended 1,4,5 C,F,G Csus
Minor 1,b3,5 C,Eb,G C-
Augmented 1,3,#5 C,E,G# C+
Diminished 1,b3,b5 C,Eb,Gb

(4-note chords)
Formula In the key of "C" Chord Symbol
Major 6th 1,3,5,6 C,E,G,A C6
Major 7th 1,3,5,7 C,E,G,B Cmaj7
Dominant 7th 1,3,5,b7 C,E,G,Bb C7
Dominant 7th(sus4) 1,4,5,b7 C,F,G,Bb C7(sus4)
Minor 6th 1,b3,5,6 C,Eb,G,A C-6
Minor(maj7) 1,b3,5,7 C,Eb,G,B C-(maj7)
Minor 7th 1,b3,5,b7 C,Eb,G,Bb C-7
Major 7th(#5) or
1,3,#5,7 C,E,G#,B Cmaj7(#5) or
Augmented 7th 1,3,#5,b7 C,E,G#,Bb C+7 or
Minor 7th(b5) or
Half-Diminished 7th
1,b3,b5,b7 C,Eb,Gb,Bb C-7(b5) or
Diminished 7th 1,b3,b5,bb7 C,Eb,Gb,Bbb C°7

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