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Welcome to the Torpedo Room! Here are just some of the instruments I can use on your recordings. As you can see, I have many sonic flavors available.

Acoustic Instruments: Larrivee LV-03R, Larrivee P-09 Parlor - others available, including high-strung acoustic, ukulele, auto-harp, psaltery, melody harp.

Solid-body Electrics: '91 American Std. Strat, '79 Gibson GK-55, Highway One Telecaster - others available, including Fender Jazz Bass.

Unique Flavors: Jerry Jones Electric Sitar, '66 Guild Starfire III, '83 Ibanez Artist, Rickenbacker 620 12-string
Unique Flavors

Tube Amps: '70's silver face Fender Twin Reverb, Fender Blues Junior, Z-vex Nano Head (Marshall tone, atop the Blues Junior), Vox AC4TV, Avalon 1-12 cab w/Celestion Green Back - others available, including Fender Super 60, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

Microphones: Shure SM57, SM58, Sennheiser e609, Audix i5, Neumann KM-184, TLM-103, Audio-Technica 4033, 4050, 4047.

Pre-amps: Great River 500NV (2 channels).
Great River Pre-amps

Pre-amps: Avalon 737.
Avalon 737

Conversion: MOTU 2408 w/Black Lion mod.

Acoustically treated tracking rooms
Playing Acoustic 1

Playing Acoustic 2

Accurate monitoring: JBL LSR-6328p, Yamaha NS-10.
Reverse Control Room


Don't wait! Contact me about your project today! Thanks for stopping by. ~Dan

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