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Music Use Policy

You are free to:

1. Use the music on this site in your podcast or internet radio show, provided you give us proper verbal credit during the show and link to us from your website.

2. Use the music on this site for your student/amateur film project, provided you give us advance notice. If your film generates any kind of distribution deal, you will be required to obtain a commercial license from us to continue using the music.

You are not free to:

1. Use the music on this site for any commericial purpose, including CD compilations, commercial radio or TV use, commercial film use, or in-store sound system use. If you are not sure if your intended use is commercial, please contact us before you use the music. Like everyone else in the world, we're just trying to make a living. Please don't try to make money on the music without sharing.

2. Use the music on this site for any political, social or religious organization without asking permission first.


1. The above permission applies only to music in which I own the copyrights. Just because I worked on another artist's project doesn't mean I own the music–in most cases I don't. Please use common sense and contact the proper copyright owners for permission to use any music.

2. If you would like to use any of our music for a commercial purpose, please contact us for a license. Thank you!

Dan Palladino

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