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What's Dan Doing Now?

Well, it turns out that Summer '16 was the busiest I've ever been, regarding playing live. I was so busy playing, that I didn't have any energy left to work on the list below. However, I will not be discouraged! As live gigs slow down, I'll be ramping up my other activities.

  • Promoting The Mung Brothers - Here We Go! EP

  • Continuing to play as many live gigs as is humanly possible. Why? Because, I'm amazed that I still get asked, and I love playing in front of an audience with good musicians.

  • Collaborating with Todd Collins on new instrumental music. Our goal is to release a record in the near future. We are very close to having the material written.

  • Collaborating with Gary Schaeffer and Scott Strunk on a three song recording of our organ trio. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to continue with this project during the summer, but hope to pick up where we left off soon.

  • Practicing Pat Martino exercises from his book Linear Expressions It's a mind bender!

  • Mentally preparing myself to release my first batch of instrumental meditation music. The tracks are done, but need to be edited and mixed. This also had to go on the back burner this summer. I'm going to continue Fall 2016/Winter 2017.

  • Continuing to come up with new ways to inspire my students.

  • Walking for 30 minutes each day

    Last update: 9/12/16

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